Duncan James: 'Coming out felt like a weight had been lifted'

Duncan James has stripped down for Attitude's Naked Issue - and you can check out a cheeky sneak peek right now. Accompanying the hot new shoot with the Blue singer is an interview where he tell us about everything from staying safe in the bedroom to which male celebrities he has a thing for right now. Asked how he felt about the reaction he received for coming out, James says that it was a huge relief to finally get it off of his chest. "It definitely felt like a weight had been lifted," he tells Attitude. "It was such an important time in my life and I'm thankful to all my family, friends and fans for not batting an eyelid when I came out. Sexuality is irrelevant to them, they love me for being me." You can read the full interview with Duncan, and pore over his stunning new naked shoot, in the new issue of Attitude – the Naked Issue – which is available to download to your mobile, iPad or tablet device now, at You can also pre-order Blue's new album Colours, out on March 2, here. Over 30 guys – including TOWIE’s Charlie King, Dan Osborne, Eastenders’ Davood Ghadami and Apprentice stars James Hill and Sanjay Sood-Smith – have stripped off over almost 100 pages as part of our #getnakedbesafe safe sex campaign, and you can take a peek at what they’ve got in store for you with our exclusive teaser video. We also speak to Newsnight and Dragon’s Den host Evan Davies in his first ever gay press interview, where he discusses the state of British politics ahead of May’s general election and being one of the most prominent gay men on TV. The issue will be out in shops tomorrow (February 4) and you can also have it delivered directly to your door at And remember, #getnakedbesafe.