Dustin Lance Black, Charlie Carver and more congratulate Colton Haynes on coming out

Today (May 6) we reported that Colton Haynes has officially came out as gay,  and the supportive tweets are all pouring in ever since the 27-year-old's announcement. Among them is Hollywood screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, who sent a supportive tweet to Haynes saying: "For years I've had the honor of watching you grow as a human, an actor and a pal. Never been prouder." Many of Haynes' friends followed, showing their support on Twitter and Instagram. Here are a few of their supportive tweets:

Dear Colton, I am sitting here in your backyard right now looking over the LA skyline at the sun setting on another day. But THIS day is something you have dreamed of for years. A day where you can officially be the person you are everyday to me, to your friends, to your family. I am so proud of everything you are and have become. You came from nothing but you have just given so much to the world. The wild boy from Kansas with the biggest heart who was a little unlike the rest. This was for the gay kids who don't feel like they belong, to those that think being famous is more important than being happy, to anyone that suffers from anxiety or depression. You are my pillar of strength as well as millions of others. From the day we met 10 years ago I have watched as you filled my heart with a confidence and strength I had never known before. A confidence to be who I am and never apologize for it. You provide that for people. You let them know that it's okay and that its going to be okay. Your strength and heart is as vast as the ocean. Your individuality is great like the Grand Canyon. You are the true definition of a MAN no matter what your sexuality might be. You my friend, my best friend, half my heart and 100% my soulmate are changing the world. I am so proud of you forever and always. I stand by you forever and always. -al @coltonlhaynes

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