Dustin Lance Black is writing a memoir about his 'red-state' roots

Oscar winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black is writing something new, and this one's a bit different. Black, whose upcoming miniseries When We Rise will premiere next month, is writing his very own memoir entitled Mama's Boy: The Story of Two Americas. According to Entertainment Weekly, the book focuses on Black's relationship with his late mother, a southern, religious woman who instilled "red-state values" in him. The writer states that it helped shape him into the storyteller and activist he is today. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Black said: "My progressive friends along the coasts often marveled at how close I remained with my conservative, southern, Mormon, military mum." "What they didn't know is how much I still cherish my roots, and that I'm often more comfortable at a BBQ n Texarkana, Texas than a pool party in Hollywood. So I never lost sight of where the bridges were between my two Americas - between me and my mum." "Sadly, over the past two decades I've watched the chasm grow between my two treasured homes, and now I feel compelled to shine a light on the bridges between us in hopes of helping heal the divide." Black's eight-hour mini-series charts the struggle of four LGBT+ activists over five decades and is based in part on a memoir of the same name released earlier this year by renowned LGBT and AIDS activist Cleve Jones. In an exclusive interview in Attitude’s February issue – available to download now and in shops now – Dustin Lance Black reveals more about the show and explains why it’s taken on even more significance in the wake of last year’s incredible political upheaval in the US. “We’re in one right now, a worldwide backlash where people are talking about building walls and closing borders instead of understanding and embracing their neighbour,” Black says. “I hope to inspire a new generation to stand up and fight back and protect what we have in a moment of darkness like this.” The 42-year-old, who is engaged with British Olympic diving star Tom Daley, adds that the LGBT community has long been denied portrayals of its historic fight by the mainstream media – something he’s keen to help rectify. “I do think we’ve been robbed of our history”, he explains. “We’ve been scared to tell our stories for much of the past century. We’ve certainly been afraid to shine a light on our lives.” You can read our full feature with Dustin Lance Black and see his exclusive shoot in Attitude’s February issue, available to download and in shops now. Print copies are available to order globally from newsstand.co.uk/attitude. More stories: One LGBT person is murdered every day in Brazil, study finds Donald Trump interrupts Dustin Lance Black's LGBT Series When We Rise