EA promises to fix 'The Sims 4' gay name ban

EA has promised to fix an error in The Sims 4 which bans players from using the word "gay" in character names. The Sims 4's public gallery also refuses words like "lesbian", "homosexual" and "queer", prompting a message that explains the terms are forbidden. brqn4bqciait3g0png-large A report on Kotaku confirmed that terms that indicate heterosexuality are not forbidden on the newly-released game. German player Anna, also known as WhyStuffIsGreat, discovered the ban, and published a video on YouTube asking if EA is homophobic. A spokesperson for EA commented: "The Sims has a long history of supporting stories that players want to tell, irrespective of gender preference. "The Gallery uses an automated filtering program that filters out certain words, including some of the ones you mentioned below. We have been working on a fix, which will be out soon." > New ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ mobile game in the works > Watch ‘Final Fantasy’ gamers hold virtual Pride parade