Eagerly-awaited gay drama 'Heartstone' is finally out on DVD and iTunes

"The summer that will change your life".



If you loved Call Me By Your Name, then you're bound to love Heartstone. After two sell out screenings at the BFI Flare in London, the gay drama is finally out on DVD and on the iTunes store in the UK.

Heartstone follows the story of teenage boys Thor and Kristján who develop a relationship while struggling with their lives at home. Over one long summer in their small fishing village, Thor and Kristján become inseparable. Hanging out with older teenage sisters and friends, they get into scrapes and have adventures.

Facing the travails of an alcoholic father and a single mother who’s newly back on the dating scene, the two stoically cope with a problematic domestic life by taking refuge and pleasure in each other’s company.

Sex is never far from anyone’s minds and the rich emotional landscape of early adolescence offers plenty of opportunities and challenges.

The boys appear unable to articulate what all their friends already suspect, but then things change suddenly and dramatically, offering up some unexpected results.

Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson’s feature debut was the winner of the Queer Lion at last year’s Venice Film Festival and has won over 30 awards internationally.

Heartstone is out on DVD and available to download on iTunes now. Watch the trailer below: