Eamonn Holmes claims Drag Queens dress up as they 'dislike themselves' in rant against CBB's Courtney Act

The This Mornign presenter's remarks didn't go down well on social media


Eamonn Holmes has been slammed on social media for his comments about Courtney Act. 

The Drag Race star has become a divisive figure in the house because of his refusal to let Ann Widdecombe's views on the LGBT+ community go unchallenged. Yes, apparently in 2018, you can't disagree with a bigot and remain universally loved. 

After Courtney engaged in an discussion with Amanda Barrie, the This Morning presenter took to Twitter to claim that the Drag icon has a "sense of entitlement" and is a "little gossip" - all because he wants to use the reality show as a platform to raise awareness of gay rights. 

Holmes wrote: "Shane J has too high an opinion of himself. He has a sense of entitlement - expects to be treated differently. Amanda had the credentials to put him in his box. Pinched face little gossip and stirrer."

When his remarks were challenged by his followers, Holmes went on to claim that Courtney only dresses up as a woman because he dislikes himself as a man. 

The daytime TV star continued: "He mustn't be too fond of him either which is why he likes being her". 

Fans quickly hit back at Holmes' comments in their droves. 

Eamonn, sweetie, check yourself.