Edward Enninful on his mission to open British Vogue up to a more diverse audience

British Vogue's first male editor leads Attitude's new September Style issue.


When Edward Enninful was appointed the new boss of British Vogue, it changed all the rules. BUt he's been doing that all his life.

Edward, 46, made history last year when he was announced as the replacement for British Vogue's editor of 25 years Alexandra Schulman, in a move that was welcomed by those who believed the fashion Bible needed to refind its place in 21st century Britain.

In an exclusive interview in Attitude's September issue - available to buy and download now - Enninful says he wants to take the magazine back to the "traditions of Vogue".


British Vogue editor Edward Enninful, shot by Damon Baker exclusively for the September issue of Attitude

"I’m here now and I’m opening it up to a wider audience," he says. "In the Sixties and Seventies, you didn’t have to be from a specific demographic to read it.

"In the Vogue I grew up with in my mum’s sewing room I saw all different [types of] models such as Marie Helvin and Donyale [Luna]. It was a kaleidoscope of races.

“I feel what I’m doing here is really going back to the traditions of Vogue, opening up and having conversations about the world we live in, diversity of perspective, of experience.

“The issues at hand, from the abortion laws in Ireland, to transgender women, these are conversations about the world.”

Since Enninful's first issue, featuring model and activist Adwoa Aboah, each British Vogue cover has shone in its own way, from Taylor Swift to Rihanna via Oprah Winfrey - but as he makes clear, they'll be no taking his foot off the pedal.


“I was talking to my staff this week and they said: ‘You know we’ve done six great issues, can we just sit back for a minute?’. I’m like: ‘no!’ The concept of sitting back on your laurels doesn’t exist. It’s always what’s next, how do you move forward, how do you move the needle, the conversation?

“I’m always curious, looking forward, trying to discover new things for myself as well as the reader."

He adds: "Being at Vogue right now, in the world we live in, is truly exciting. It’s a world of openness, where anything can happen.

"The new generation see a lot of things that are wrong, but they believe in authenticity. What’s the truth, what are you doing to help the next generation?

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Photography: Damon Baker

Words Cliff Joannou 

Styling: Dena Giannini

Edwards wears roll neck by Berluti at Harrods, watch by Cartier, glasses by MOSCOT 

Grooming by Simone Resta