Eight men jailed for homophobic acid attack near Dalston Superstore in London

The men caused GBH after squirting a noxious substance at men leaving the gay venue


Words: Steve Brown

Eight men have been jailed following a homophobic-fuelled acid attack in London.

Huseyin Onel and his gang targeted gay men leaving the London LGBT venue Dalston Superstore in May last year.

During the attack, they beat up a man and continued to stamp and kick him while he curled up in a ball and covered his face.

The eight gang members then beat up another man who was filming the attack on his phone.

Onel then squirted a corrosive acid substance from a plastic bottle into the second victim’s face and eyes.

Detective Constable David Leitner said following the sentences on Thursday (January 17): “Nine violent and dangerous men have been removed from London’s streets today and will now spend a lengthy time locked up in prison.'

“The level of violence used in this attack, coupled with the speed that this incident escalated, are truly shocking.

“A group of people who were enjoying themselves at the end of a night out were subjected to a sustained and relentless wave of violence including the use of a corrosive substance – because they acted as good Samaritans to help a male being subjected to a vicious assault.

“The original victim who was attacked by the group has never been traced but I hope he, and all those who were set upon by this violent group of individuals, will take some comfort from the fact that this group has been convicted.”

Onel was sentenced to 17 years in jail for applying a noxious substance causing GBH plus three years on extended licence.

Mehmet Tekagac, 30, was jailed for 14-and-a-half years for applying a noxious substance causing GBH, plus another three years on extended licence.

He was also sentenced to eight years for robbery and three years for violent disorder

Onur Ardic, 27, was sentenced to 14 years in jail for applying a noxious substance causing GBH plus another three years on extended licence.

Ardic was also sentenced to three years for violent disorder, all running concurrently.

Guven Ulas, 20, was jailed for 30 months for violent disorder.

Mustafa Kiziltan, 30, was jailed for three years – 27 months for violent disorder and nine months for dangerous driving.

As well, he was sentenced to three months for failing to stop, which will run concurrently.

22-year-old Serkan Kiziltan was given a 18-month sentence for violent disorder.

Umit Kaygisiz, 21, was sentenced to two years and four months in prison for violent disorder and attempting to bring a mobile phone into prison.

Yasam Erdogan, 24, was jailed 18 months for violent disorder, suspended for two years.

And Turgut Adakan, 23, was sentenced to 18 months for violent disorder, suspended for two years.