Ellen and Oprah Winfrey went grocery shopping together and it was all kinds of amazing

Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey took a trip to the grocery store this week, and it was utter chaos. The talk-show hosts visited a local store to promote Oprah's new food line O, That's Good! The visit was filmed in a two-part video series and features the pair picking up various items and making jokes. In the first video, DeGeneres picks up two different sized cucumbers before asking Oprah: "What is the right size?" Trying to hold back her laughter, Oprah says: "That's too big and that's too small." Ellen also gets Oprah to hold two melons against her chest as she takes a photo. The two continue to add more items to their shopping trolley as Ellen plays tricks on Oprah, sneaking a bottle of vodka into the iconic star's bag before asking her: "What is this doing in your bag?" Ellen, who's known for scaring her guests, continually scared Oprah with Halloween decorations. The pair then pay for a random's shopper's groceries before driving her home and cooking for her whilst engaging in all their ordinary shenanigans. You can watch their hilarious trip below: More stories: Male sports stars strip naked for Dieux du Stade 2018 calendar This gay couple have been together since before homosexuality was decriminalised