Ellen responds to accusation that she's turning children gay

Ellen DeGeneres has responded to a claims that she's turning children gay. In an article published on Christian Post earlier this month (January), US Evangelist Larry Tomczak argued that the Ellen uses her popular US chat show to promote "promote her lesbian lifestyle" and force it onto children. Ellen Ellen hit back at Tomczak during an episode of her chatshow this week, saying that she's "not here to brainwash anyone" and insisting that her only goal is to help people "be true to themselves". "Larry I don't even know what it means to celebrate my lesbianism, well I guess it's that. I don't have an agenda," she said while mocking the remarks by pretending to hypnotise her audience. "I'm not here to brainwash anyone but listen to the sound of my voice. Attention youth of the world, I want you to live your lives being exactly as you are. The most important thing is to be true to yourself," she added. Meanwhile, Ellen recently hired a hot new male 'gardener' for her show - check him out in just his pants here. Watch the full video below: More Stories: Ellen Page’s gay drama banned from filming in school Watch Ellen Page discuss coming out with Ellen DeGeneres