Elsa will not have a romantic interest in 'Frozen 2' says songwriter

Fans have called for the film's lead character to have a girlfriend in the upcoming sequel


Words: Steve Brown

Elsa will not have a romantic interest in Frozen 2, says songwriter.

Since Frozen's release back in 2013, fans have been calling for the film's lead character to get a girlfriend in the upcoming sequel, with the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend to go viral in 2016. Fan-made petitions to give Elsa a girlfriend also got thousands of signatures.

While Idina Menzel, who voices the Ice Queen, previously said she's excited at the idea of Elsa being lesbian, there had been no word that the character will have a romantic interest.

When the first trailer for Frozen 2 was released earlier this year, many fans spotted a brand-new female character and many speculated that was to be Elsa’s love interest.

However, songwriter Kristen Anderson-Lopez has debunked the rumours and said Elsa will not be ‘defined by a romantic interest’.

Speaking to IGN, she said: “Like the first movie, Elsa is not just defined by a romantic interest.

“There's so many movies that define a woman by her romantic interest. That's not a story that we wanted to tell at this point in time.

“What we really wanted to tell was if you have these powers, how do you grow and change and find your place in the world and find answers that haven't been found before?”

Watch the trailer for Frozen 2 below: