Elton John and David Furnish reveal plans to marry

showbiz_elton_john_david_furnishElton John and David Furnish have revealed that they are planning to get married. The couple entered into a civil partnership eight years ago, but have decided to tie the knot now that same-sex marriage is legal in England and Wales. In an article published in Attitude's special issue Love & Marriage, Furnish writes: "Elton and I will marry – as a high-profile couple, we feel it is our duty to do it, to make sure that everyone knows that this is something that many gay men living in this country never dreamed would happen." The 51-year-old continues: "When it was announced that gay couples were able to obtain a civil partnership, Elton and I did so on the day it came into law. As something of a showman, [Elton] is aware that whatever he says and does, people will sit up and take notice. So what better way to celebrate that historic moment in time. Our big day made the news, it was all over the internet within minutes of happening and front page news the next day." Discussing what the change from civil partnership to marriage will mean to the couple and their adopted sons Zachary and Elijah, Furnish adds: "Elton and I both think there is a massive difference between calling someone your 'partner' and calling them your 'husband'. 'Partner' is such an impersonal word and doesn't adequately describe the love we have for each other. "When Zachary and Elijah are grown up and having children of their own, they will – hopefully – be living in a world where everyone can be equal, when being married isn't about whether you're straight or gay, but simply about being human." Attitude has published our first ever special issue to mark the first same-sex marriages in England & Wales, which took place this Saturday (March 29). Love & Marriage provides you with everything you need to know about planning the perfect wedding, from venues to catering, honeymoon destinations to fashion, and grooming advice for the big day. The 148-page glossy guide is available exclusively in print at WHSmith and is is available to download for your iPad or tablet now. You can order a printed copy to be sent in the UK or worldwide from> Click here to download the digital version for your iPad or tablet > Click here to order a printed copy to be sent in the UK or worldwide