Elton John is concerned about rising hatred in post-Brexit Britain

Music legend and gay icon Elton John admitted that he doesn't like living in Britain because of what he described as the level of "hatred" which has swept the country since Britain voted to leave the EU. In an interview with the Observer on Sunday (November 13), Elton said, “You know, I don’t like it here at the moment, to be honest. I don’t like the hatred here. It’s like David said recently, it’s like a boil has been lanced that was there for a long time and suddenly all this hatred has come to the surface. "People have been OK about gay marriage and things like that and suddenly they’re not,” he explained. “I have never, ever thought this of this country until now. He added: “I was always proud to come from here and to live here, because there are different opposing views about everything but it’s a pretty civilised place. At the moment, though, it’s not, and I don’t like it. It’s horrible.” The musician went on to question US President-elect Donald Trump's honesty. Referring to the Republican's claims that someone once made an attempt on his life, Elton said, "Trump is the only person I have ever known who can tell out-and-out lies and people just don’t seem to care. ‘I survived an assassination attempt.’ No you fucking didn’t." More stories: Table For Two | ‘My stepdad would get on better with him’ Cristiano Ronaldo strips off for Portuguese football team’s Mannequin Challenge – WAT