Emmerdale producer teases Valentine's Day surprise for Robert and Aaron

Valentine's Day is a time for 'falling in love or revisiting old loves'


An Emmerdale producer has teased a Valentine's Day twist for fan favourites Robert and Aaron.

If you've been following the soap, you'll know that Aaron is in a relationship with Dr Alex after he and Robert both agreed that they were better off as friends during the show's Christmas special. 

However, the pair are set to reunite within the coming weeks and producer Iain Macleod has revealed that something might happen on Valentine's Day. 

Speaking to Digital Spy, Macleod said: "Well, Valentine's Day is coming up soon, which is traditionally a time for falling in love or revisiting old loves, and that's definitely what's going to happen for Robert and Aaron." 

"[Aaron is] going to find himself thrown into a situation with Robert, and we're going to explore all the old feelings that are still not far from the surface, and Aaron is going to have a really big decision to make about which direction his future lies in.

"And the question is when he wakes up in the morning, and he's made his decision, is it a decision he's happy with?" 

However, Danny Miller, who plays Aaron Dingle, revealed that while the Valentine's Day episode will be a "must-see" episode, it won't be the couple's reunion. 

Asked about the Valentine's Day episode at the National Television Awards, Miller said: "It's about two people realising their feelings." 

The actor then hinted that the pair's reunion might happen towards the end of February but insisted it's worth the wait.

He added that fans will "be happy" with the reunion.  

Emmerdale continues weeknights on ITV.