Eurovision 2020: The top five ones to watch (so far)

Drag legend and Eurovision expert Jonny Woo picks out the top contenders for the title in Rotterdam.


Now that the UK's Eurovision entry has been announced in the form of James Newman's rousing - and, importantly, credible - 'My Last Breath' Attitude asked off-duty drag legend and Eurovision expert Jonny Woo to pick out some of the major competition so far as the big night in Rotterdam looms on the horizon.

James Newman might have the husky vocals, and sexy "Hagrid appeal" to win over an ocean of drunk Mums and social-media-savvy gays on the night - but has he got Latvia’s batshit backing dancers with household products? And does he have Armenia's thigh-high boots (hidden away in a Yorkshire Dales lock-up, possibly).

We’re heading to pop war in Rotterdam, and like any Eurovision Song Contest, it’ll be a battle of 'wow' vocals, assymetrical dresses, never-ending notes and WTF moment. 

So without further ado, here's Jonny's guide to the top contenders James will be battling against during May's grand final...

Italy - Diadato, 'Fai Rumore'

This power ballad, and Diadoto’s relaxed confidence, take you straight in. I’ve been listening to this song five times a day and it’s the bookies third favourite!

I don’t always love the ballads, but the pure chorus is a winning moment. With touches of Oasis, Snow Patrol and even a touch of Radiohead, this song has mass appeal.

Czech Republic - Benny Cristo 'Kemama'

It’s fantastic to see countries representing their diversity in Eurovision which can often be a very white contest.

But beyond the refreshing social politics of this, Benny Cristo’s song is a great Eurovision contender and a total bop too. Kemama is beautifully put together with a great beat, audiences will love it on the night at Eurovision parties and I think judges might get behind it too. 

Australia - Montaigne, 'Don't Break Me'

This Australian singer-songwriter presents as female and has a cool gender-fluid, fashion college vibes that younger audiences will appreciate.

I wasn’t sure on my first listen but 'Don’t Break Me' is catchy and hooky, and has a compassionate, determined “Kelly Clarkson” vibe mixed in with an art school choreography. It’s very different, bus also radio friendly.

Lithuania - The Roop, 'On Fire'

This one has shot to number one in the bookies, which has never happened before for Lithuania. This is my Number 2 at the moment after Italy - but it’s a definite contender for winning on the night.

I love his fashion, it’s exactly the kind of thing I might take to Eurovision (my dream is to enter Eurovision!) The lyrics are fab, about enjoying your middle age and loving life! The choreography and lighting is genius, and he is a very entertaining performer. 

Latvia - Samanta Tina, 'Still Breathing'


It’s their best entry since 'Love Injected' in 2015 - they haven’t a good couple of years in recent Eurovision.

Samanta is full of energy and her song “Still Breathing” is a crazy, dub-step infused club track with creepy musical box backing vocals and big head-banger strobe moments. We all have an inner Samanta Tina screaming to get out!

The wild card…..

Armenia - Athena, 'Chains On You'


Armenia’s answer to Pussycat Dolls is a total LOL-fest, with its fabulous slutty backing dancers, knee high boots and silly lyrics (“Diamonds shining on me!”), this track is perhaps too paired back to fare well at Eurovision, but Athena is very likeable, the song is very catchy and this could be the start of more exciting things for Athena.

Let’s hope Pharrell is watching on the night, I’m sure a big music geek like him will be.

So what's next?

Germany’s song just dropped and is making waves, the internationally-renowned Eesti Laul happens tomorrow - the hotly contested Estonian national final.

Sweden’s major selection tournament Melodifestivalen is in mid-swing, and Romania is dropping soon - jumping to second favourite with the bookies after a drove of bets being placed! 

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