Every Rebel Heart tour song Madonna's teased so far

Madonna's Rebel Heart tour doesn't kick off for another six weeks, but fans are already eagerly guessing about which songs will make it into what's sure to be one of the bigger global tours of 2015. After all, not only does Madonna have a back catalogue of tracks spanning over thirty years, she's also got a new double-album to promote, with some 25-odd tracks of brand new material from which to choose. madonna_reschedules_rebel-heart_tour In recent weeks, though, the Queen of Pop's been in a playful mood, using her Instagram to tease fans with titles, lyrics and snippets of songs from her extensive catalogue, all with the hashtag #RebelHearttour. So are these the songs that will make up the bulk of the tour, or is Madonna simply throwing us off the scent? We won't know for sure until the tour's opening night in Montreal on September 9, but in the meantime, Madge Facebook group Madonna Music has helpfully collated all the songs she's referenced in relation to the tour so far. Chances are, quite a few of these should make an appearance in the show. Take a look... Possible Rebel Heart Tour songs mentioned by Madonna on Instagram 1. Dress You Up 2. True Blue 3. Who's That Girl 4. Like A Virgin 5. Into The Groove 6. Deeper And Deeper 7. Love Don't Live Here Anymore 8. Between The Bars (Elliott Smith cover - Madonna already performed it live at a one-off show last year) 9. Vogue 10. La Isla Bonita 11. Justify My Love 12. Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin cover) 13. Holiday (confirmed, new mix) From Rebel Heart 1. Devil Pray 2. Unapologetic Bitch 3. Bitch I'm Madonna 4. Iconic 5. HeartBreakCity 6. Body Shop 7. Holy Water 8. S.E.X. 9. Living For Love 10. Ghosttown