Everybody's Talking About Jamie star Max Harwood on whether he'll pursue a drag career

Exclusive: Bianca Del Rio's already dragged his wig collection "for filth" - because of course she has!


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Provided

Everybody's Talking About Jamie star Max Harwood has said he won't be continuing his exploration of drag - at least publicly - now filming is over.

The new movie, based on the hit stage play of the same name about a drag-loving teen, is out on Amazon Prime UK this Friday 17 September 2021.

Speaking at the film's premiere at London's Royal Festival Hall last night, the 24-year-old told Attitude that he has worn drag outside of the shoot - but "just for fun - not as a professional!"

"Leave it to the drag queens!"

"I've been known to buy a wig or two, and Bianca Del Rio [who makes a cameo in the film] has looked at that collection and absolutely dragged me for filth," the rising star added.

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"But my drag queen lives in a box at home and she might come out on occasion. But not tonight!"

Asked what his drag name is, Max said: "It hasn't landed with anybody yet, but on the job, Niall Monteith-Mann who did my make-up, his drag name would be Lydia Dustbin. I said I'd be part of the same drag family, so mine would be Trasha Cans. You laughed, I got a laugh!"

Asked if he felt any temptation to come in drag for the event, Max replied: "No! Leave it to the drag queens. Drag is such an art form."

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