Everything you need to know about social media star Todrick Hall

Todrick Hall originally rose to fame when he auditioned on the ninth season of American Idol. Although he finished 16th overall on the series, he was well-liked by fans and ended up gaining a small following. After finishing on the show, Todrick turned to YouTube, where he grew his fan base exponentially, to the point where now he has almost 2 and a half million subscribers on the site. His videos have gained worldwide attention, and even caught the eye of celebrities like Beyonce and Ariana Grande. It's not hard to see why either. He regularly performs mash-ups of songs from different popstars, where he shows off his amazing singing and dancing skills. His fame lead to him getting his own docu-series on MTV, and he was even invited on to RuPaul's Drag Race as a guest judge during the last season. Opening up about his social media fame, Todrick told Attitude that he's grateful to be able to be a positive role model for LGBT+ youth. He explained: "It's amazing we have YouTube, because growing up I had an image of what being gay was, of what those people were like, or how they dressed, or what diseases they might have, or that they might be paedophiles." The May issue of Attitude is out now. To buy in print click here, or subscribe at subscribeme.to/attitude. To buy a digital copy, visit pocketmags.com/attitude.