Exclusive: Alaska resurrects Lil' Poundcake for Halloween horror special - WATCH

The unhinged doll is back to terrorise the nation for a limited time only.


Words: Will Stroude & Thomas Stichbury

Move over Michael Myers, Lil' Poundcake has been resurrected just in time for Halloween - and it looks like she snapped.

The psychotic talking doll dreamt up by Drag Race All Star Alaska has landed her own starring role in Lil' Poundcake: Hallway From Hell, and the former pageant queen wastes no time slicing any dicing anyone who's not her real dad and never will be.

After making her debut in season 5 of Drag Race before inspiring one of Alaska's iconic All Stars looks, Lil' Pouncake was finally brought to life in the form of a real talking doll last year.

Now she's back for a limited time only - with 300 special 'Black Box' editions hand-numbered and autographed by Alaska also up for grabs.

To mark Lil' Poundcake's ungodly return to this mortal plane, we caught up with Alaska to find out more about the girl formerly known as Gertrude Poundcakenstein's big screen debut! 

How much of yourself do you see in Lil’ Poundcake? 

She is a bitter, petty, seething monster hidden under a thin veneer. We have nothing in common. 

Just what makes her so hateful? 

She came in dead last in one too many child beauty pageants and as a result lost her mind and began terrorising the nation. 

Who would the Lil’ Poundcake doll be the perfect gift for? 

It’s appropriate for NO ONE ages 1 and up. I vehemently deny the scattered reports of the doll spontaneously coming to life and committing heinous acts of petty crime and burglarisation.

Why should parents pick up Lil’ Poundcake over, say, a Barbie doll? 

Barbie is a well-rounded, educated spokesmodel for the modern woman. But she doesn’t drink or swear. However I do cation consumers not to give the doll water or to feed her after midnight.

Are there any plans to turn the Hallway From Hell in a full-length feature? 

We’re in talks with some very big name filmmakers who want to make it into a gonzo porn film. 

If you had to have a starring role in one horror movie – which it be and who would you play? 

I was happy to appear in The Quiet Room, directed by Sam Wineman. I played a gross scary monster from Hell. 

Valentina’s been accidentally confirmed for All Stars 4 – do you think she could join you in the Drag Race Hall of Fame? 

I can’t speak to that matter. 

Which queens would you like to see return for All Stars 4?

India Farrah. Ongina. Jasmine Masters. Shangela. Again. 

What would Hell look like to you? 

A place with no gluten-free or vegetarian options. 

When was the last time you were given a fright? 

When I shared a dressing room with Sharon Needles. 

What is your biggest phobia? 

Sharon Needles. 

You can get your hands on your own Lil' Poundcake doll for a limited time here, and can pre-order a Limited Edition Lol' Pouncake Collector Black Box here.