Exclusive | RHYME SO challenge Drag Race's Milk to a figure skating face-off in fierce 'Fashion Blogger' video

Oh, this is a serve.


RHYME SO have unveiled the fierce video for new single 'Fashion Blogger', and the future-pop duo are pitting their sporting talents against RuPaul's Drag Race star Milk in a ice skating competition for the ages.

The newly-released video sees RHYME SO - a joint project between emerging Aussie songstress RHYME and Japanese producer Shinichi Osawa, aka Mondo Grosso - challenge the Drag Race season six and All Stars 3 to an incredible figure skating face-off in the 'I Am a Fashion Blogger Grand Prix'.

'Fashion Blogger' - a tongue-in-cheek techno track which captures society's obsession with social media clout and online connection - provides the addictive soundtrack to 'IAFB Grand Prix 2020' as Milk and RHYME show off their very real figure skating skills.

With looks, serves and swerves on the ice, as well as appearances from figures across the figure skating, drag and performance art communities, it's the queer fashion video of our dreams.

Sharing the video on Thursday morning (12 March), RHYME told Attitude: "Figure skating is my childhood dream sport I could never win. So after skating 10 years being able to skate for my music and with my idol Milk was the most incredible experience. I guess childhood dreams do come true.

"Milk is an incredible queen, artist and heart beat that the world needs more of."

SO, who appears as RHYME's coach in the video, adds: "Alas, with zero skating knowledge, my coaching experience for RHYME was falls of laughter.


"It was cold experience, so I’m glad Milk came to save the day."  

Opening up about the inspiration for 'Fashion Blogger', which follows last year's debut single ‘Just Used Music Again’, RHYME recalls: "It was over coffee, like all things of mind alter I was perplexed scrolling through my feed at what I saw.

"I needed to express lyrically a way to help myself disconnect, but not too mysteriously and definitely to reconnect with a different perspective on all this.

"I feel this is on our minds but we don’t know how to put it out there cause being cool and filtered was in trend. Looking at music with the ‘same’ song being promoted nowadays my social comment was ‘like are you a clone?’

"'Fashion Blogger' and many more songs were created by SO and myself at this time."

SO, who ranks among Japan's biggest electro house DJs, adds: "At my hair appointment I noticed the screen entertainment that was showing ‘Fashion Bloggers’ It felt like we were living in a very strange and interesting era.

"We wanted to ask the world how to deal with this era rather than the question of what is good and what is bad in life and economy centered on SNS [social networking services].

"So this song was born."