Exclusive: The powerful trailer for 'Boys On Film 18: Heroes' has arrived - WATCH

'Boys On Film' is back with 10 powerful films recounting the lives of everyday LGBT heroes


The trailer for Boys On Film 18: Heroes has officially arrived. 

Peccadillo's award-winning film compilation has finally reached legal age and is returning this year with Boys On Film 18: Heroes.

The new collection features 10 uplifting and powerful films recounting the lives of everyday LGBT heroes fighting for their own identities and right for us all to be ourselves.  

The latest series features the powerful docu-drama The Colour Of His Hair starring God's Own Country's Josh O'Connor, which takes a look at queer life in 1964 when homosexuality was illegal and in 1967 after its partial legalisation. 

Also included is the Iris Prize 2017 winner Mother Knows Best, which sees a mother give her teenage son some advice after having met his boyfriend, and animated film Half A Life which narrates the life of a young, Egyptian activist in the oppressive social climate of Egypt. 

Along with this, the collection will feature a special film which sees several of the doctors and nurses who cared for the first British AIDS patients in the 1980s open up about the rules they had to break to help patients. 

Boys On Film 18: Heroes is available on DVD and Video on Demand from 23 April. Check out the trailer below: