Fadi Fawaz says George Michael tried to kill himself four times

The former Wham! frontman was found dead in bed on Christmas Day in 2016


Fadi Fawaz has claimed George Michael tried to “kill himself” four times.

The former Wham! frontman died from natural causes back in December 2016 and his boyfriend, Fawaz, found his body on Christmas Day in his home in north London.

And now, in an Instagram post, Fawaz claimed that all the singer wanted to do was “die” and recalled how he tried to stab himself “25 times”.

He wrote: “He has tried to kill himself 4 times, whilst in rehab he tried to stab himself 25 times.

“He never told me how he did it when he was taken for three days to Marylebone. I would say, ‘Aren’t you glad May 16th didn’t happen?’, referring to one suicide attempt and he would say, ‘No’.

“He wanted to die so badly, and it was powerful to hear him say it. I think life stopped for him a long time ago.

“Everyone wanted him because of what and who he is. ‘Everyone wants me alive’ is what he would say.”

When Fawaz found Michael’s body, he assumed the singer had finally taken his own life.

He continued: “I thought that’s it, he finally did it and I finally saw him dead in his bed.

“I always begged him not to do this, but he was so depressed. All he wanted to do was die.”

Fawaz then continued that he was initially reluctant to get into a relationship with the ‘Faith’ singer because of his use of the drug GHB and tried to help the singer curb his addiction.

He added: “I was so against GHB, I used to say to him, ‘I never want to find you dead in bed’. That was my biggest fear to find him dead in bed as a result of this drug.

“Every day for about three months whilst at the house in Highgate, I would come down in the mornings and find him passed out in the chair or on the floor near the fire with his tea.

“This was in 2012. I told him he could never handle ‘G’. I questioned why he was doing it as he started falling asleep whilst we were out in public.

“I was told that he also fell asleep in the studio.”