Fadi Fawaz says he hates George Michael

The Australian hairdresser took to Twitter to admit his hate for the late singer


Fadi Fawaz took to Twitter to reveal he hates George Michael.

The Australian hairdresser was dating the late Wham! frontman before his untimely death on Christmas Day back in 2016.

However, following his death, Fawaz – who is still living in Michael’s north London home - was recently reported to be in a poisonous war over Michael's £105 million fortune and last week it was reported he was left nothing in Michael’s will.

Now, Fawaz has taken to Twitter to rant about the late singer and even admitted he “hates” him.

He wrote: “George I hate you.”

In another post he wrote: “Your power proved to me you could make a Town not react to loud noise at odd hours.

“Your power proved to me you could turn friends, family and strangers into liars, cowards and very much inhuman and yet this mega power can’t make or keep someone KIND or LOVING.

“And I can not wait to prove that to you. With all my hate, Fadi.”

This isn’t the first time Fawaz has taken to social media to slam his former lover after writing a series of posts explaining he was done being respectful to his memory and would sell any story to the press.

However, he came out to say his Twitter account was hacked and he didn’t write the tweets.