Family Guy's Bruce comes out as gay and marries his boyfriend in new episode

"Oh, Jeffrey!"


Family Guy character Bruce will come out as gay and marry his boyfriend in an upcoming episode.

The storyline follows actor Patrick Warburton, who voices Joe Swanson, saying earlier this year that he hopes gay jokes will be "phased out" of the iconic series.

Bruce - who ties the knot in the show's 19th series - and his implied sexuality have long been the butt of jokes during the show's controversial history.

The new episode's plot involves Bruce dating Meg after pressure from his homophobic, conservative parents.

However, Meg calls of the nuptials and encourages Bruce to come out.

Good old Meg!

"Oh, Jeffrey!"

In a clip of the epiosde shared to Instagram, Bruce refers to his new hubby as "Jeffrey" - preceded by his trademark "Oh!" (As in: "Oh no!")

The Kool-Aid Man then crashes the wedding, before retreating with a Bible. Which is... interesting.

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"If there is too much gay humour it becomes bullying"

Warburton told Digital Spy earlier this year: “If there is too much gay humour it becomes bullying and I don't like that, so it probably could do with phasing it out.

“The nature of the show is satire and it does seem to be an equal opportunity of slander across the line.

“If it is more specifically targeting one group more than others, I find it a bit bullying that way. But I think all of us should have a little sense of humour in ourselves."

Family Guy debuted in 1999. As of 2020, 355 episodes have been broadcast.

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