Fancy your neighbour? Here's how to win him over

Supported by Outlet Property Services Have you got the hots for someone in the same building as you? Or perhaps you caught a glimpse of the guy next door mowing the lawn and thought he looked a bit like Ryan Reynolds. Well wonder no more about how to orchestrate a subtle seduction (and not look like a stalker) with some tips from Attitude and Outlet. shutterstock_154221002-2 Introduce yourself These days, no one talks to their neighbours and it’s a bit sad. If hot neighbour has just moved in, take him a bottle of something nice or some chocolates as a welcome token. Let him know where you live in case he needs to know anything about the area. Invite him in If you get a good vibe from the guy (and you’ve established he is perfectly sane and not dangerous), casually invite him in for a drink, cup of tea or a Sunday roast. You’ll usually be able to tell if he’s up for it from his reaction. For instance – a polite “that would be great” usually means he thinks you’re nice, but retreating into his flat so fast he trips over is a sign he’s not that fussed about making new friends. Heaven scent If you live in the same building or, even better, on the same floor as hot neighbour, use a nice fragrance to make him fall in love with you at first sniff. Try Chanel Blue or something by Boss. You can also make your home and hallway smell rather divine with a nice scented candle, just in case he pops round to borrow some sugar. Check his schedule We’re not saying you should stand by your front door all evening peering out of the spy hole or window, but you could pay attention to the time he leaves and come home. Just listen up for any activity in the evenings that might give you an indication of his daily schedule. Time your commute to a T Once in a while, leave for work at the same time and strike up a little conversation about his work. This will usually lead to a nice social chit chat about the weather and what he's doing at the weekend. You never know, you might find you have some common interests – and both love to go for a coffee on a Saturday morning.  Extreme measures If things aren’t moving along and hot neighbour hasn’t whisked you off for a romantic weekend in Paris yet, there may be other avenues. Please remember that harassment can get you a restraining order, so exercise some caution. But a little investigating on Facebook or getting your Asos delivery sent to his door accidentally on purpose are two harmless last-resort options. Just sayin'. Outlet Property Services is the original and first-choice LGBT property company and provides sales, lettings, property management, and financial services. To find out more or get in touch click here.