Farage blasts London Pride for 'outlawing' UKIP in new column

Nigel Farage has spoken out against London Pride for excluding UKIP, adding that the 'metropolitan elite' are encouraging a prejudice against his party. Writing in the Daily Express, the UKIP leader says his party is "the most demonised party in Britain."UKIP_M0416He writes, "The party has been banned, outlawed in fact from attending the London Gay Pride Parade, which I was under the impression was about standing for tolerance rather than censorship and hate."He then goes on to deliver some "bad news for the metropolitan elite" by discussing the LGBT members of UKIP, including Scottish MEP David Coburn, and the new Deputy Mayor of Ramsgate, who is transgender. He discusses Kellie Maloney, who has run for UKIP in the past and spoke at their spring conference this year, claiming she was forced to say UKIP was a wasted vote on the eve of the election, because of pressure from within the LGBT community. Kellie-Maloney-main  
"I found out that Kellie came under a huge amount of pressure and indeed abuse from some in the LGBT community for her links with UKIP."UKIP had been set to march in the London Pride parade on 27 June, but were subsequently banned following complaints. The subject has been dividing opinion within the LGBT community, and many politicians from across the political spectrum - including Mayor of London Boris Johnson - have spoken out in favour of allowing UKIP to participate.