Fenty model lies about being transgender after posting transphobic comments online

Carissa Pinkston modelled for Rihanna's Savage x Fenty line but has been dropped


Words: Steve Brown

A model who modelled for Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty line admitted to lying about being transgender to avoid criticism over transphobic comments she made.

Carissa Pinkston posted a series of transphobic comments on Facebook back in May under the name Rissa Danielle – according to screenshots shared on Twitter – where she said being transgender “does not make you a woman”.

The aspiring model was then dropped by her agency, Elite Model Management, but instead of apologising, Pinkston took to Instagram where she ‘came out’ as transgender.

In the now-deleted post, Pinkston wrote: “I wasn’t ready to come out about it yet but today I got fired and I’ve been receiving hate mail and death threats ever since so I’m being forced to tell the truth.

“I’m transgender. I transitioned at a very young age and I’ve lived my life as a female ever since.

“It’s been very hard to keep this secret but what I said about transwomen is a direct reflection of my inner insecurities and I have since come to realise that I am a woman… WE ALL ARE!”

However, it transpires that Pinkston lied about being transgender and in another deleted post, she confessed about the lie and said: “I apologise for any transphobic remark I’ve ever made towards the trans community.

“I panicked and I thought if I came out as trans that I could somehow make things better for myself but it appears I’ve only made things worse.

“I’m truly sorry. I’m only 20 and I’m human. I make mistakes but I refuse to let them define me.”

Her comments and lie have received understandable backlash online with transgender model Aaron Philip calling her out.

Aaron wrote: “Imagine being a model who got exposed for being a raging transphobe/saying extremely transphobic sh** in the past and then resorting to LYING ABOUT BEING TRANSGENDER ONLINE FOR CLOUT IN ATTEMPT TO SAVE YOUR CAREER…?

“I know this person [in real life] and she is so cisgender??”