Finally, the gay Disney prince love story we always wanted is here

A YouTuber has created a touching vignette of two gay men, which captures moments across the course of their relationship, using animated children’s classics in a clip that really warms up the heart. Splicing together footage with Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid, and Dimitri from Anastasia, the result is a touching love story that charts the pair's story as they meet, fall in love and adopt children, before tragically being torn apart and then finding each other again. Set to the Finnish song ‘Olet Puolisoni Nyt’, which translates as ‘You Are My Spouse Now’, the video has already been viewed almost 50,000 times. princes3 pricnes4 princes2   Viewers across social media have spoken of their love of the clip. “We both watched this together and let me tell you there were so many times when we both gasped or "awwed" or squealed! Oh my god,” said one fan. “It's the first time I cried for a video... I'm very sensitive to that kind of subject, because of my own story,” writes another. You can watch the video below: More stories In pics: Tom Daley has a new partner… in diving Watch: Tom Daley’s back with another health and fitness video