Find ‘Mr Right’ & ‘Mr Right Now’ with new gay app 'Chappy'

Promotional Chappy, the new gay dating app - for guys looking to find their Mr. Right, or their Mr. Right Now launched earlier this month. With backing from their sister app, Bumble, Chappy is on a mission to challenge the stigma so often associated with gay dating to give men a heightened sense of choice and control in the dating app space. Unlike other apps, Chappy takes a different and refreshing approach. The ‘Chappy Scale’ allows users to select what they are looking for, whether that be their future LTR or an instant hook-up. Sounds easy, right? Users can slide from Mr. Right Now on the left, settle on the Mr. Who Knows option in the middle or go all the way to Mr. Right on the far side. Profiles are then filtered accordingly to ensure that users will only be presented with people looking for the same type of connection as themselves. Despite the monochrome appearance of the app, Chappy understands that dating isn’t so black and white. Choice is at the heart of the app’s ethos, co-founders Ollie Locke - who found fame on Made In Chelsea - and Jack Rogers recognise the importance of clarity and transparency in order to give their users the opportunity to choose what they’re looking for at the time. This approach also means users avoid the awkward ‘what are you looking for’ openers, often resulting in more quality connections. “Chappy is all about providing gay men with choice. We want men to feel confident to pursue whatever type of connection they want. Empowering the gay community and creating a safer space for gay men to make genuine connections whether they are looking for their Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now, That’s why we’ve created Chappy,” said Jack Rogers, Chappy Co-founder. Disenchanted by the current offering in the market, and tired of the stigma associated with gay dating, the co-founders set out to create a welcoming and versatile platform for the modern gay community. Part romance, part rendezvous, the user chooses. In this new chapter of gay dating, love, not just sex, is now available in one app. Chappy is free to download now from the app store and Google play store.