Find out the best time to find Mr. Right on a gay app

Sponsored Chappy, the new gay dating app - whose mission it is to remove the stigma so often associated with the gay dating space highlights just how far the community has come. Launched in early March, for guys looking to find their ‘Mr. Right’, or their ‘Mr. Right Now’ Chappy publishes findings that directly challenge the long-established and inaccurate perception that gay men are primarily interested hook-ups. Chappy found that its users are, on average two times more likely to be looking for a serious connection, 'Mr. Right', over something more short-term via its 'Mr. Right Now' functionality. This also squarely challenges the long-held stereotype that gay dating apps are not the place for long-term romantic possibility and shows gay men, more than ever are comfortable investing in long-term partnerships. Key findings: - When is the best time to find 'Mr. Right' vs 'Mr. Right Now?' Our insights show that on average, the period between Sunday - Thursday each week is the optimum time to find 'Mr. Right' on Chappy, and Friday - Saturday is optimal for those searching for their 'Mr. Right Now'. - You are 37% more likely to find your 'Mr. Right' on Sunday at 8pm "This mirrors the realities of the modern, single gay man and, is why we created the Chappy Scale in the first place," Said Max Cheremkhin, co-founder, Chappy. - The average Chappy user is looking for something more serious 261 days of the year vs 104 days searching for Mr. Right Now Through its unique sliding ‘Chappy Scale’ users can choose whether they want to find ‘Mr. Right’ or ‘Mr. Right Now’, giving them ultimate control by only matching with compatible guys looking for the same thing. Chappy positions itself as the app providing a safer more responsible space, whilst offering men choice - depending on their mindset at the time. The unique Chappy Scale functionality looks to have struck a chord with the global gay community - Chappy currently enjoys in excess of two million swipes each day. Launched on 4th, March 2017, co-founder Ollie Locke puts this initial success down to the lack of choice previously offered by apps within the digital gay dating space. “Choice is at the heart of Chappy, it’s why we created the ‘Chappy Scale’. Matching with someone that you know is looking for the same as you puts our users five steps ahead of the conversations they’re having on other platforms.” Said Ollie Locke, co-founder, Chappy. “We’re pleased with these results so early on. It just goes to prove that this option was previously missing from the market - we’re very proud to finally give the community that choice.” Said Jack Rogers, co-founder, Chappy. In a further move to destigmatise the gay dating space, Chappy offers users a more transparent user experience: all Chappy profile pictures must show a face - putting an end to the customary sea of headless torsos. All profiles are verified via Facebook making Chappy a far safer and genuine new chapter in gay dating. Combined, this makes the swipes on Chappy far more valuable to its users. Co-founders Ollie Locke, Jack Rogers and Max Cheremkhin set out to create a welcoming and exciting new dating app for the modern gay man. Disenchanted by previous market offerings, often cited as facilitating purely short-term connections, and tired of the stigma associated with gay dating, Chappy was born. In this new chapter of gay dating, Chappy is proving that love, not just sex, is now available on an app.