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Promotional feature While working with the successful, wealthy and influential in her psychotherapy practice, Susie Ambrose, CEO of Seventy Thirty, observed that “assets” did not make it easier to find a relationship. In fact, she realised that high achievers faced unique difficulties in finding genuine, compatible life partners. Susie discovered that, because of their complex lifestyles and high expectations, such people had very particular requirements in potential partners and relationships. SUSIE-6579[1] Why did you feel there was a specific need for an exclusive matchmaking agency for prominent single people? At the beginning of 2000, I noticed that there was not a specialist agency specifically for the affluent market. Wealthy and successful people lead very dynamic and full lives; their success is often a product of a broad curious mind, high expectations and positive attitude and drive. Their requirements in potential partners are therefore fairly unique: they need one who is intellectually stimulating, sophisticated yet adventurous and fun, passionate with zest for live. It is for people with such life experience and requirements, that Seventy Thirty caters. What are the specific needs and requirements of millionaires/ HNWIs looking for that significant other? The majority of our members have worked extremely hard to become the successes they are today. They have ambition and dreams, and have the vision and drive to achieve their goals. They seek potential partners who can appreciate this dedication, have a compatibly flexible lifestyle and value each other’s independence and personal identity. They require partners who can relate to their lifestyle (e.g. extensive travel, enthusiasm for new experiences, socialising in all social spheres etc.) and so they need to meet people who have a passion in life, who are enthusiastic and love to expose themselves to the many wonderful experiences life can offer. All our members are intelligent, sophisticated, worldly and cultured; it is these qualities that are required in potential partners. All of the Seventy Thirty team have impressive professional qualifications. Can you explain the importance of having such experts delivering your service? We are a team of fully qualified and experienced professionals who offer support and advice in all aspects of our members’ lives. Every member has a dedicated Matchmaking Specialist who is a relationship expert and qualified Psychologist. The Matchmaking Specialist forms a very close working relationship with each of his/her members. She/he explores each person’s upbringing, lifestyle, and experiences of previous relationships, together with the attitudes, values and principles to which this person subscribes. They get a full understanding of exactly what each Member requires in a relationship. Seventy Thirty’s Members are both gay and straight. Do you have gay professional working for the company? Yes, we offer a fully integrated matchmaking service led by a team of psychologists who understand gay and lesbian relationships. This is further enhanced by the experience and expertise of our Managing Director, who, being gay himself, takes a special interest in gay matchmaking. You are a very successful businesswoman coming from humble beginnings, how did you do it? Fourteen years ago, in a market flooded with online dating services, speed dating, and countless introduction agencies, finding a truly unique approach would be a challenge for any entrepreneur. Keeping one step ahead of the competition and having a dynamic and evolving vision is an essential ingredient to the success of Seventy Thirty. I was able to use my creativity to develop a unique vision to ensure that I differentiated Seventy Thirty from the other services in the market. My idea was to target the market of the highly affluent and apply a psychology-based approach to matchmaking and dating, delivered by a team of experts. Susie’s vision from the start has been to deliver exclusive, highly tailored services to her clients, and she has succeeded not only in creating a sound business concept, but bringing earnest happiness to the clients she serves. Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7753 7631 @Seventy-Thirty