Finn Wittrock's most creepily hot 'American Horror Story' moments

Whether it's as Freak Show's psychotic man-child Dandy or Hotel's psychotic wild-child Tristan, Finn Wittrock has proved a brilliantly unhinged addition to the last two season of American Horror Story. So to mark his 31st birthday today (October 28), we're thought we'd have a look back at the many confusingly hot-but-unnerving moments he's provided us with... ahs-freak-show-dandy-baby-bottleamerican-horror-story-freak-show-matt-bomer-11062014-03 f finn wittrock underwear 2finn wittrock underwear 1833001400-4c0c-0132-41ee-0ebc4eccb42f finn giphy (1) tumblr_nelulvTXD61rzoil5o3_500-1415285417 tumblr_ngwh4w6TX51u1uahno1_500 333 American Horror Story: Hotel airs in the UK Tuesdays on Fox at 10pm. More stories: Gus Kenworthy perfectly shuts down troll who asked if he’s ‘the man or the woman’ Marc Jacobs responds to ‘wild, 10-person orgy’ reports in spectacular style Win £500 store credit at MR PORTER