Five films to look forward to at BFI Flare: London LGBTIQ+ Film Festival 2020

Zorian Clayton picks five films to watch this year


BFI Flare: London LGBTIQ+ Film Festival returns this month, with a blistering line-up of the world’s finest queer films.

Each year, the annual 10-day festival - running from March 18 to 29 - showcases some of the best LGBTQ feature length films including the world premiere of Matt Fifer and Kieran Mulcare’s drama Cicada, Sam Feder’s documentary on transgender representation on TV and Jessica Swale’s feature debut Summerland.

The festival will also feature old and new directors showing the world their talent, and this year will not leave you disappointed.

You can check out the full programme and buy tickets here.

Ahead of the festival launch on March 18, three of the event’s lead programmers picked their favourites for Attitude.

Michael Blyth - the senior programmer for BFI Flare - has picked five of the many films featured this year that he is looking forward to seeing.

And now, Zorian Clayton, has written about five of the films that will be screened during the 10-day festival. Brian Robson has also picked his favourite films.

T11 INCOMPLETE - Directed by Suzanne Guacci

Gripping yet understated, this tale of a woman of mystery really keeps you guessing. A carer with a dramatic past develops a relationship with a woman she looks after, the title being a reference to her spinal cord injury.

It raises questions of second chances in life, sexuality and disability.



All the biggest trans stars are out for a timely history lesson in transgender lives on screen, and you might be surprised to know that trans people have been in the movies since the dawn of cinema.

Exploring theatrical cross-dressing and the best and worst examples of trans narratives, the documentary critiques the power of film and TV in having cemented nasty stereotypes.

Thankfully, these days are coming to a end and many excellent examples of the present will make you happy to be living in the here and now.

TRANSKIDS - Directed by Hilla Medalia

Four very different trans kids in Israel are nearing the end of high school. With military conscription fast approaching, there are a variety of ways to avoid it, but this may incur a range of society and family taboos for these teens.

Charting their access to treatment, family support, and coming out at school, this is an insightful film, delving deeply into gender and Judaism.

PIER KIDS - Directed by Elegance Bratton

It is wonderful to see more films coming through from inside the communities themselves rather than by others temporarily entering marginalised groups.

This raw documentary by Elegance Bratton captures life on the Chelsea piers in New York, where trans and gay people of colour — many of them homeless — have congregated for decades.

It exposes the negative impacts of gentrification and increased control of public spaces.

LINGUA FRANCA - Directed by Isabel Sandoval

What we have all been waiting for: more trans directors! Isabel Sandoval is also the writer and takes the lead role, playing a home carer to the elderly and living under the radar as a migrant to the USA from the Philippines.

Set in New York, it is subtle and hard-hitting, telling a 21stcentury Brooklyn love story set against the harsh backdrop of crackdowns on immigrants.