Former Thames Valley police officer 'made homophobic and racist remarks'

Former PC Perry Greenhalf is alleged to have said a colleague would plan a party because "gay people do".


Words: Alastair James; pictures: Wiki

A former Thames Valley police officer has admitted to using offensive language, including homophobic and racist remarks in a tribunal hearing.

Perry Greenhalf, who resigned from the police force on Tuesday (23 November) and had been based in Newbury, has been accused of making the comments while on duty. He’s denied gross misconduct.

On one occasion Greenhalf is said to have said a colleague would organise a party because that’s what “gay people do”.

"I felt that the words and tone he used were derogatory”

A colleague of Greenhalf, PC Mark Rice, told the hearing, as reported by the BBC, that on another occasion Greenhalf made racist remarks about a family from Pakistan while the pair attended an alleged breach of Covid-19 restrictions.

Rice said they knew the family had returned from Pakistan so it was reasonable to assume they were from the country. He advocated wearing facemasks as an example of good practice to which Greenhalf is alleged to have said: "the house will smell of curry anyway" and other comments.

Another officer, PC Meghan Adey-Butt, addressed Greenhalf’s aforementioned homophobic comment regarding a colleague saying, "I felt that the words and tone he used were derogatory”.

She also explained the former officer had made inappropriate comments about a vulnerable child within view and earshot of members of the public.