Four gymnastic guys put on a display for Britain's Got Talent

Turns out Matthew the hunky trapeze artist and Belgium's acrobatic pole-dancing winner might have some competition - four of them, to be exact. Yep, last Saturday's episode of Britain's Got Talent introduced us to the boys of 4G, who took their shirts off and similtanouelsly took their place as ones to watch in the competition with theit group aerial gymnastic routine. "Why stop at the top? I think it would be easier to wear a thong," judge David Walliams told the boys as they got four 'yeses' and sailed through to the next round of the competition. "I think if you were to go forward into the next round, I would need a written contract saying you would be willing to take off your tracksuit trousers." We'll happily get drawing up those papers for you David. Check out the boys' considerable talents below: Brtain's Got Talent continues this Saturday at 8pm at on ITV. More stories: You need to see the incredible pole-dancing winner of Belgium's Got Talent Interview | Ben Whishaw on his Bafta-nominated turn in London Spy