Fox News at San Francisco Pride: 'Are you sure you like girls?'

Screen-Shot-2014-07-08-at-11.26.31-AMFox News' report on last month's San Francisco Pride is now online - and it makes for interesting viewing. During the report, Fox News correspondent Jesse Watters appears to mock Pride-goers with questions including "Are you out of the closet?" - directed at a gay man wearing a flamboyant costume - and "Are you sure don't like girls?", which Watters poses to a pair of drag queens. Watters' vox pop interviews with Pride-goers are interspersed with stock footage which appears to reinforce homosexual stereotypes. Fox News' San Francisco Pride report aired as part of The O'Reilly Factor, a nightly political commentary show hosted by Bill O'Reilly, who once opposed gay marriage in the US, but has recently adopted a more liberal stance on the issue. Watch the report below. More news: Michael Sam: ‘I came out so I could be comfortable with boyfriend’