Fox news commentator slams Orlando vigil: 'Gay people only care about pop music and the beach'

A Fox news commentator has claimed that gay men don't care about politics. Political commentator Chadwick Moore was invited on the right-win channel yesterday (June 14) to discuss a vigil that took place at Stonewall Inn to remember the 49 innocent people that were brutally murdered in the Pulse massacre. The event was organised by activist group Gays Against Guns, and while it was a sombre affair, it was also used as a way of protesting against out-dated gun laws that continue to allow dangerous individuals to purchase guns without proper background checks. When asked what he thought about the anti-Trump nature of the event, Moore claimed that most gay people "probably" don't even know what the Second Amendment even is - i.e the right to bear arms. He said: “Most gay people aren’t political. Most gay people, you know, they care about pop music and going to the beach. They probably don’t know what the Second Amendment is. And so they show up to be together, to celebrate the community, to mourn together and instead they are fed this anti-gun nonsense," added Moore. We mean, we do love pop music, and we love the beach. But we also like being safe in the knowledge that homophobes can't enter LGBT+ safe spaces and murder innocent people. We also think Trump might be the most useless President yet. Just saying.