Fox News contributor claims gay men are 'asking' to be assaulted

A Fox News contributor has claimed that gay men who walk into a bar are "asking" to be assaulted. Right-wing contributor Erick Erickson aired his shocking opinions in a new blog post, where he insisted that if gay men get attacked, it's there fault for "making people feel uncomfortable" in the first place. He wrote: "You know, I’m really damn tired of all the people running around making other people extremely uncomfortable then screaming about their rights and privileges when called out. "If you want to go around making people uncomfortable, you’ve got the problem, not the rest of us." Erikson went on to belittle the story of Matthew Shepard, who was brutally beaten and tortured and left for dead in one of the most shocking attacks on the LGBT+ community in America.

He continued: "The dude wearing the tutu shoulders some of the responsibility. He should have known better. And spare me the tirade about Matthew Shepherd.

"If a guy walks into a bar in Wyoming wearing make up and a tutu, he’s probably going to be asked to leave, if not picked on or punched."

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