Frankie J Alvarez: 'Looking finale to be two hours long'

Frankie J Alvarez has revealed that the series finale of Looking will be two hours long. After struggling in the ratings during its latest season, HBO announced that the gay-themed drama had been cancelled last month. However, in order to appease fans of the show, the US cable network revealed that a spin-off film is being planned to tie off any loose ends and give the characters the send off the deserve. Frankie Alvarez and Jonathon Groff in HBO's new show Looking In an attempt to assure the 60,000 fans who have signed a petition calling for a third season of the show, Alvarez has revealed that the film will be the equivalent of four episodes in length. "It's a feature-length film that doesn't adhere to an episodic structure," Alvarez said in an interview earlier this week. "I think a lot of fans who wanted a longer episode are going to get one long, two-hour episode." Meanwhile, Looking star and Attitude columnist Daniel Franzese told attitude.co.uk exclusively that he is “walking away from the show a changed man” – find out more here. More stories:  Mariah Carey to star in Christmas film Watch: Nick Jonas answers Attitude’s questions