Freddie Fox teases 'Cucumber' character: 'He's been hard-wired to f**k'

Our excitement for Russell T Davies' new gay drama series Cucumber is reaching fever pitch ahead of its Channel 4 premiere later this month (January 22), and every day this week we'll be taking a closer look at some of the show's cast and characters - starting with Freddie Fox's beautiful heart-breaker, Freddie Baxter. Part of the Fox acting dynasty, Freddie's already been making a name for himself in box office hits The Riot Club and Pride, as well as starring opposite Douglas Booth in 2010's Boy George biopic Something About the Boy. freddie fox The 25-year-old has turned his hand to another LGBT role for Cucumber playing bisexual object of desire Freddie, who he says has been "hard-wired to f*ck" and "thrives off being able to control people". "He's the best character I've ever played," Freddie tells Attitude. "Because he's so damaged, so attractive and yet terribly vulnerable, whilst being someone who thrives off being able to control people. "At first you don't see why he is like he is. He's a person who's been programmed, probably long before he was meant to be, for sex. That's why he's very good at it, but also why he uses it as an armour, why he uses it as a defence and also why he uses it as an attack - as a weapon. "I think his raison d'être for life has become so much about sex and about the pleasure and the gratification for that, he's become 'pornified' as it were. That's certainly an interesting reflection into a character who reflects the way that sexuality is tending to go in the modern age." You can read the full interview with Freddie - as well as the rest of the cat of Cucumber and its sister show Banana - in the new issue of Attitude,  available to download to your mobile, iPad or tablet device now at Pocketmags.com/Attitude. The issue will be out in shops this Wednesday (January 7) and you can also have it delivered directly to your door at newsstand.co.uk. Even better, you can purchase a 13 issue digital subscription to Attitude for ONLY £17.49 as part of our January sale (ends January 15) from Pocketmags.com/Attitude. Cucumber starts Thursday January 22 on Channel 4 at 9pm, followed by Banana on E4 at 10pm and Tofu on 4OD. att253_COVER More stories: Four erectile dysfunction myths debunked Sam Smith goes public with new boyfriend Jonathan Ziezel