Game of Thrones reveals one of its character is gay *spoilers*

Although Game of Thrones has not been afraid of showing plenty of same-sex action throughout the show's six-year run, there has never been an openly lesbian character since the show's beginning - until now, that is. On Sunday night's (June 5) episode of the hit show, Ironborn warrior Yara Greyjoy was seen unashamedly lusting after another woman, revealing her sexuality to viewers. Yara becomes the first lesbian character on the show after gay male characters Renly Baratheon and Loras Tyrell, who were pretty much definied by their sexualiy. by their sexuality. However, Yara's sexuality was introduced very casually, instead of having it being introduced from the start. The episode showed Yara being mounted by a half-naked woman, before telling her: “Nothing on the Iron Islands has an ass like that.” yara-greyjoy After a round of drinking game Yara Cup with brother Theon, she announces that she is going to enjoy her last night on the mainland with a woman, rather frankly saying "Now, since it’s my last night on shore for a while, I’m going to go fuck the tits off this one." Yara's sexuality brings another change from George R.R. Martin's novels as her character is straight in the book series. Maybe she'll be one for Sansa Stark, after Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner revealed recently that she wants her character to reconsider her own sexuality - click here to read more. Game of Thrones airs in the UK Mondays at 2am on Sky Atlantic, before a repeat at 9pm that night. More stories: Male London escort reveals his clients are mostly ‘straight’ married men Zac Efron lets it all hang out in Bad Neighbours 2 striptease (NSFW)