Gardeners have started to remove tributes outside George Michael's home

The former Wham! frontman suddenly died on Christmas Day back in 2016


George Michael’s fan memorial outside his home has been dismantled and removed a year and a half after his death.

The former Wham! frontman suddenly passed away on Christmas Day back in 2016 and his death shook the world and fans gathered outside his home in North London to pay tribute to the singer.

A year and a half after his death Michael’s family posted a message on his website asking for fans to remove their tributes if they wanted to keep them.

And now, gardeners have been seen clearing away the posters, flowers and trinkets for the star.

His family wrote: “We’ve been touched by your many tributes celebrating and remembering Yog [Michael’s nickname], reminding us how very much he is missed and loved.

“However, we feel we cannot expect our Highgate and Goring neighbours to continue to accept as normality, the memorials so personal to you all, to remain as and where they are any longer although, we do appreciate your recent efforts to minimise their impact.

“However, this is what we feel we now need to do.

“We would like to ask anyone that wants to, to come and collect your tributes to Yog, between May 1 (Tues) and the weekend of May 26/27, (Leaving any you wish us to have) so we can return both Mill Cottage, and The Grove to their former simple state.

“Yog liked his privacy, his homes were true havens for him (-such a Cancerian!) and, ultimately, long term, we know he would not want to disturb or change the quiet neighbourhoods he so loved, for the people in the local area, who honestly , despite reports otherwise have been gracious and very understanding.

“The family will continue to take decisions as we think he would have done.”