Gay acrobats pay tribute to Orlando in colourful and emotional video - WATCH

This video will truly move you. It's been one month since the Orlando terror attack that left 49 dead, and to honour the victims of the shooting, Matthew Richardson has released a new YouTube video in their memory. Arrow 4 The short-film, entitled 'The Arrow', features two gay acrobats who spin gracefully to an emotional song by The Irrepressibles. As the video progresses, as does the acrobats relationship, coloured powder is thrown at the acrobats. According to Towleroad, 'The Arrow' "is a striking visual representation of a simple story - two male artists who fell in love." "From the first time our eyes met, the first embrace, to creating a bond and love that is unbreakable. The video shows two talented men who transform their personal story into an exciting performance to send a powerful message." Arrow 3 "That we are proud of who we are, the love that we share, and that all love is equal." As the short film ends a title card reads, "In memory of our brothers and sisters lost in Orlando." It also leaves a hopeful message to anyone watching, "For anyone who has ever been afraid to be true to who you are... be proud to be you." You can watch the emotional video below: More stories: Britney Spears is back with brand new single ‘Make Me’ ‘Coming out to my wife was hard, but coming out to my family was another level entirely’