Gay actor takes in ill elderly neighbour into his Hollywood apartment

Chris Salvatore has hit headlines with his incredible act of kindness. The gay actor took his ill 89-year-old neighbour, Norma Cook, into his Hollywood apartment last week. Norma has been suffering from leukaemia and pneumonia and spent two months in hospital. The doctors told Norma that she couldn't return home unless she had 24-hour care. Salvatore then invited Norma to move into his apartment in order to look after her. What's more is that Salvator, famous for his role in Eating Out, has managed to raise £39, 625 to contribute to her care. He also took in Norma cat, Hermes.
Speaking to Today, Salvatore said: "The nurses and doctors told her that it would be a miracle if she lived past the holidays, so the fact that she's still thriving is just a really great thing." "She's doing great," he adds. "If you could see her right now, she looks so cute on the couch with her feet propped up. She just hangs out on my couch and watches TV." The pair have developed a routine together as Salvatore cooks for Norma, who is childless and doesn't have any close family in California. They watch TV together, drink champagne, eat and she's even helped him cruise Grindr! The pair have been friends for five years and have remained incredibly close as Salvatore considers her his adopted grandmother. Norma has lived in the apartment complex for 30 years and, according to Salvatore, she doesn't want to move.

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"My apartment was the only place she would have moved. She has strong opinions about where she wants to carry out the rest of her days, and she wants to stay here." "Moving her in... it feels as though it was meant to be all along," he adds. "It's really fulfilling to be there for her." And Norma is thankful to have found a true friend in Salvatore, stating that "He's a really wonderful guy." We wholeheartedly agree, Norma. If you wish to donate towards Norma's care, you can do so here. More stories: One LGBT person is murdered every day in Brazil, study finds Donald Trump interrupts Dustin Lance Black's LGBT Series When We Rise