Gay boyband fan fiction inspires racy new web series - WATCH


From calling the Pope "Daddy" (and not in the Holy Father sense) to begging Ariana Grande to "stab me in the neck, mamma" when she drops a new single. The internet has revealed, and probably encouraged a very peculiar strain of fandom that sees teenagers taking the extra, slightly creepy mile to get noticed by celebrities.

But of all the weirdness that has sprung up from the combination of celebrity, teens and Twitter, erotic fan fiction is perhaps the most infamous.

It starts so innocently - a merging of two bandmates' names into a cutesy portmanteau. Then before you know it there's 2,000 words on Tumblr describing the fictional sexual encounters between boyband members with searingly intricate detail.

Now, the lusty musings of tween fans have inspired a brand new queer web series - Truth Slash Fiction.

The show centers on a familier-looking boyband that may or may not be based on a real life group and a 16-year-old fan, Emma, who pens smutty fiction about its members. Since the first episode premiered at Denver Colorado's SeriesFest, eager fans have been petitioning Netflix to tell them that they need to commission a series, and we're rather inclined to agree with them...

Check out the trailer below:

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