Gay couple announce their breakup with a rap video, make us all cringe

A gay couple have broken up after seven years together. Why is this newsworthy? The couple aren't high-profile and there's nothing particularly dramatic about how Blake and Jeremy went their separate ways, so why should we care? Because rather than act like civilised people and simply change their relationship status or delete all traces of one another from social media, 'Blaremy' have written, recorded, and filmed a video to a rap that explains their reasons for breaking up. The song is a lyrical history of the couple's time together: from meeting in a fraternity at Arizona state, they bought their first house at 19 and worked together in real estate fom there. However, after seven years together the couple are drifting apart and want different things from their lives. Set to the tune of Biz Markie's 'Just a Friend', the song includes lyrical gems like: "You wanna travel the world and have brunch in Brussels/I wanna settle down and put together some puzzles." The former couple remain close friends, so the breakup obviously wasn't that bad. After all, Blake says he'd give Jeremy "five stars if you were my UBER driver". We wish Blaremy all the best, but maybe don't show any potential conquests this video. It may not have the desired effect. Watch the breakup video below, and let us know if you manage to make it to the end: