Gay couple humiliated by police officers and told to 'stay naked' in disturbing video

The supposed officers hurled homophobic insults at the couple.


A disturbing video has gone viral after allegedly showing South African police officers bullying and humiliating a gay couple. 

The video, which was first shared on social media last week, is believed to have been filmed by two police officers who came across the couple while they were engaged in a sexual act in a car in Pietermartizburg, South Africa. 

According to News24, footage shows the two men desperately try to cover their genitals with their pants down as the alleged police officers taunt and humiliate the pair. 

As they continue to film, the officers tell the couple not to get dressed while swearing and throwing homophobic insults at them. 

One officer is heard saying: "Who told you to get dressed?" 

Meanwhile, the couple sit in the car naked as the officers continue to film and insult them. One officer asks his partner to take pictures of the couple before yelling at them to stop trying to cover themselves. 

The couple can then be heard apologising before the officers tell them: "It's a shame what you are doing. Men are not supposed to do this." 

One officer suggests arresting the couple before the other orders them to get dressed. The video ends shortly after. 

Activists from Action for Social Justice International identified the couple and helped them undergo counselling on Friday (February 2).

Activists claim one man, a teacher, is now being mocked by pupils while the other has been disowned by family.

Police spokesperson Captain Kholeka Mhlongo claimed that she was trying to figure out who the alleged police officers filming the video were, but said she couldn't confirm if the men were police officers. 

Mhlongo urged the couple to come forward and open a case to help investigate the incident. She added that if the people filming the video are officers, their behaviour was "unacceptable." 

"Police are not trained to discriminate. It is against the law," she added.