Gay couple invited Adele to their wedding and she says yes - Watch

Adele's been on tour recently for her latest album '25'. She loves to bring people up on stage and we've seen couples propose to one another on stage but this was different. Adele brought the couple up because they were dancing "like there was no one else". They introduce themselves as Vince and Ryan, Adele has some playful banter with them before finding out they're engaged. Adele Gay Couple According to Out, Adele then asked if she could attend the wedding: "Can I come? I'd love to come!" The couple say yes and Vince explains that he had a dream the night before about going up on stage and they agreed that if they did go up on stage, they'd want her to go to the wedding. It gets better, the 'Hello' singer offers to sing at their wedding for free before the three of them take a selfie.

in here LIFE REALLY IS BEAUTIFUL. how?! How!? How!? Btw asked her to come to our wedding

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