Gay couple kiss in front of neo-Nazi rally to prove love is stronger than hate

A Spanish gay couple have proved that love will always triumph over hate after a picture of them standing in front of a group of protesting neo-Nazis and sharing a kiss went viral this week. David Fernández and Gregor Eistert were on a date in the centre of Madrid on Saturday (May 21) when they came across Hogar Social Madrid, a neo-Nazi group that protest against refugees being welcomed to the capital, The Local reports. The couple were looking for somewhere to have a drink before the came across the mob, who were marching into one of Madrid's hippest neighbourhoods, Malasaña, while chanting "Spain yes, refugees no!" while brandishing pictures of former Spanish dictator Francisco Franco. The group's attention then turned to David and Gregor once they kissed, shouting homophobic slurs at the couple, including "You've got AIDS!", "sickos", and "maricón" - a derogatory term similar to 'faggot'. A video taken shows the couple kissing before being told "that's enough" by a policeman and removed from the square. David told Spanish newspaper El Español that while the realises couple were easier to remove than the thousands of protesters, at the time he "couldn’t understand why they were kicking us out of the square when the ones committing a hate crime were them." Watch a clip of the couple's brave kiss below: More stories: Gay men’s choir taunted by fans after female voice played over them at baseball game Idina Menzel reacts to campaign to give Elsa a girlfriend in Frozen