Gay couple viciously attacked in German refugee camp

A gay couple from Serbia who are seeking asylum in Germany have been subjected to an appalling homophobic attack that left one of them 'almost dead' The unnamed couple left their home country after being subject to abuse and persecution by family members, and sought asylum in Germany. They were held in a refugee camp in an undisclosed location. The couple "did their best to hide themselves", as instructed by social workers in Germany, reports Javid Nabiyev of the activist group Queer Refugees for Pride, who shared the couple's story in a recent Facebook video. A few months ago, one of the men contacted Nabiyev in an effort to get out of the camp. However, he was unable to arrange a transfer for them as their situation was not considered to be a 'good reason' to merit the transfer. A few days ago, the couple were attacked by a fellow refugee and left "almost dead", according to Nabiyev. Both men are being treated and hospital. One of the men is "not in good condition" and requires an operation. However, Nabiyev believes that the hospital is the "only safe place for them" at the moment. Shockingly, Nabiyev alleges that the men may be sent back to the same camp where the attack occurred. The perpetrator of the attack was allegedly released without charge and returned to the camp. Nabiyev argues that there is a necessity for LGBT+ specific asylum centres, in order to protect vulnerable asylum seekers and deal with the "urgent" situation of violence against queer refugees. Watch the video below: